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Health Plan: Pay Premiums to Initiate Coverage

Health Plan Decisions Information Packet (PDF)

Premiums for IU-sponsored Health Care Plans

When electing IU-sponsored health care coverage, it is not necessary to send any payment with the election form. Once the election form is processed payment slips will be sent.  Participants have 45 days to make the first payment. Once the first premium payment is received, coverage will be reactivated retroactively to the separation date.

Premiums are due at the first of every month and there is a 30-day grace period for payment of the regularly scheduled premium. Failure to make a payment before the end of the grace period for that coverage period, results in forfeiture of all rights to continuation coverage under the Plan.

Payment can be made by check or money order. The mailing address is included on each payment slip.  Multiple premium payments (within a plan year) in advance are allowed. Please note, when using the HRA account for reimbursement of premium payments, reimbursements can only be made on or after the date for which the premium is actually incurred. For example, if insurance payments are made six months in advance, reimbursement can only be released each month for the current month. 

Premiums for Medicare

Medicare premium charges will come out of Social Security checks automatically you are receiving  social security.  Otherwise, a bill for the premiums will be sent to you each month from Medicare. Enrollees are responsible for paying the premiums. To use the Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) to receive reimbursement for Medicare premiums, submit a monthly claim form and an annual substantiation of the Medicare premium costs.

To request a proof of income letter that verifies Social Security benefit information (including Medicare coverage information and SSI) to be used for substantiation of premium claims, go to Click on the “Retirement” tab at the top of the web page.  Under the “Online Services” section click on the “Request a proof of income letter.”  From there follow the steps outlined in the instructions.

Medical / Dental Expenses

If medical/dental expenses occur between the separation date and the date when coverage is reinstated (once the first premium payment is received), services or prescriptions may be paid out of pocket, then claims can be filed with the insurance carrier for reimbursement of those expenses according to plan guidelines after paying the first health care premium.

When using the HRA debit/VISA card for expenses during this transition period be sure to NOT use the card for expenses that insurance should/will be covering.

Visit the HRA Account section for more information.

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Page updated: 23 September 2014