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Health Plan Decisions Information Packet (PDF)

Indiana University does not contribute to medical premiums after employment ends; all coverage is fully paid by the Participant. Participants may use their ERIP-2013 HRA accounts to reimburse themselves for the cost of the then-premiums.


The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) gives workers and their families who lose eligibility for health benefits the right to temporarily continue their coverage under certain circumstances including retirement.

In other words, individuals covered under an Indiana University employee plan can keep exactly the same coverage they have when employment ends. COBRA participants have Open Enrollment, just like employees, and can add dependents or change plans at that time. Participants enrolled in the HDHP & Health Savings Account plan at time of separation may want to consider switching enrollment to another medical plan to take full advantage of the HRA account. ERIP-2013 Participants may contact IU Human Resources for additional information.¬†Each employee and covered family member can elect to continue coverage, as a family or individually.  This COBRA coverage eligibility ends after 18 months, or upon turning age 65.

Plans Eligible for COBRA coverage:

  1. Medical Plan: High Deductible Health Plan with HSA
  2. Medical Plan: PPO $900 Deductible plan
  3. Medical Plan: PPO $500 Deductible plan
  4. Medical Plan: IU Health Quality Partners
  5. Dental Plan: CIGNA Dental PPO

When COBRA coverage eligibility ends:

Those with IU Retiree Status:  may then transition to one of the medical plans that IU offers. No additional Dental coverage is available.

  • The Retiree PPO $900 Deductible plan for those under age 65, and
  • The Blue Retiree Medicare Supplement plan for those ages 65 or older.

Those without IU Retiree Status:  may transition to the Retiree PPO $900 Deductible Plan until they reach age 65.  No additional Dental coverage is available.  After age 65, no IU-sponsored medical plans are available.

Retiree PPO $900 Deductible (under age 65)

The Retiree PPO $900 Deductible plan is available to all ERIP-2013 Participants under the age of 65.  All ERIP-2013 Participants may elect to move into this plan at the time of separation, during open enrollment, or at the end of the COBRA coverage period.

See additional information about the plan provisions and coverages for the Retiree PPO $900 Deductible plan for retirees.

Blue Retiree (age 65 or older)

The Blue Retiree plan is available to ERIP-2013 Participants (with IU Retiree Status) and their spouses that are age 65 or older. The Blue Retiree plan is a Medicare supplement (Medigap) plan that coordinates with Medicare by paying medical costs that Medicare does not, notably copays and deductibles.

See additional information about the plan provisions and medical coverage for the Blue Retiree plan.

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Page updated: 7 March 2014