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Payment to Staff Employees for Unused Paid Time-Off and Compensatory Time

ERIP-2013 Participants who are Staff employees will receive a lump-sum payment for accrued but unused paid time-off benefits and compensatory time as of their separation date, in accordance with normal University policies and the same as any other separating employee. The brief summary below identifies the types of paid time-off benefits and compensatory time applicable to different categories of staff employees:

All calculations for payment of any unused paid time-off are to be based on normal University policies.

This payment will be made to all Staff ERIP-2013 Participants in a single lump-sum, less all deductions for local, state and federal taxes legally required to be withheld, will be paid during the month following separation.

More information about the payment of unused paid time-off and compensatory time is located at

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Page updated: July 2013