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IU Retiree Status

1. What is IU Retiree Status and why is it important?

IU Retiree Status is recognition given to IU employees who separate from the University after having achieved a combination of a specified age and years of service.  An individual with IU Retiree Status is eligible for certain IU benefits which are separate from retirement income benefits. See the table of age and years of service necessary to obtain IU Retiree Status.                                   

2. What are the IU Retiree Status benefits other than qualifying for ERIP?

IU Retiree Benefits are:

  • Term life insurance paid by the University equal to $6,000
  • IU Tuition Benefits the same as provided full-time employees
  • Continuation in IU medical plan coverage by paying the full premium. See the ERIP Plan Document for a fuller description of the medical plan coverage benefit.
  • IU Voluntary Benefits
  • IU-sponsored email account

3. I currently do not qualify for IU Retiree Status, but I do qualify for ERIP since I am 61 with 11 years of service.  Will I receive IU Retiree Status?

IU Retiree Status requirements must be met on the date of separation.  It is not granted if the age and service requirements are not met on that date.

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