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This web site is for the 2011 Early Retirement Incentive Plan.
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Retroactively effective back to 2011 the HRA account can now be used to reimburse the premiums for any Medicare Supplement plans found in the marketplace. Prior to the ACA clarification, only group plans (such as the IU Blue Retiree Medicare Supplement Plan) were eligible to be reimbursed from an HRA. Any claims for reimbursement for Medicare Supplement plan premiums can be sent to Nyhart for processing.  You can send retroactive claims for any of Medicare Supplement plan premiums that you had paid out-of-pocket that were incurred any time from the date that your HRA account was established.

Purpose of the Plan

Indiana University is confronted with serious fiscal constraints and is undertaking organizational reviews to optimize the efficiency of administrative and academic support units. One response to these challenges is the adoption of the Early Retirement Incentive Plan (ERIP) for eligible Academic and Staff employees. Voluntary separations under ERIP are intended to achieve specific institutional objectives: reduction in salary/wage and benefit costs, redirecting positions to focus on higher priorities, or may assist in avoiding or minimizing future involuntary terminations due to reductions in personnel.

The ERIP is not intended to be an entitlement. A fundamental requirement of the ERIP is that approved applications must achieve one of the institutional objectives described above. Not every application to participate in the ERIP will be approved.

Common HRA Questions & Answers

If I have more expenses in one year than is available in my HRA, can I get reimbursed in the following year once IU credits my HRA again?

Yes. If a claim has already been submitted and is pending the release of the reimbursement it will automatically be released once the account has been credited.

Will I forfeit my HRA balance if I don’t use it all during the year?

Any amount remaining in the HRA at the end of a year will carry forward and can be used in subsequent years to pay for eligible medical expenses.  Any funds remaining after the end of 5 years will be forfeited.

What happens if I am or will turn age 65 and become eligible for Medicare while participating in ERIP?

What happens to my HRA if I get another job that has medical care benefits?

What happens if I move to my spouse’s IU medical plan?

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