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IU Retiree Status Benefits

An ERIP participant who satisfies the age and service requirements for IU Retiree Status on the separation date will be provided the following additional benefits, as long as each plan continues to be offered by the University:

  1. Term life insurance paid by the University equal to $6,000
  2. IU Tuition Benefits paid by the University, same as provided to full-time employees
  3. Continuation of coverage under an IU-sponsored medical plan by paying the full premium:
    • COBRA continuation in any plan
    • PPO $900 Deductible plan until Medicare age (65)
    • Blue Retiree Medicare Supplement plan at age 65 and older
  4. IU Voluntary Benefits
  5. IU-sponsored email account

See this page for more information about IU Retiree Status benefits.