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Employment of Relatives

Indiana University does not hire or transfer persons related by blood, adoption, marriage, or same-sex domestic partnerships into positions that create a relationship of immediate supervision (supervisor to employee) between two people. A vice president or the chancellor/provost of each campus determines what is immediate supervision.

Persons related by blood or adoption that fall under this policy include: parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, and first cousin.

Persons related by marriage or same-sex domestic partnerships that fall under this policy include: husband, wife, same-sex domestic partners, stepparent, stepchild, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, half-sister, half-brother, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, and relations of the same degree of a same-sex domestic partner.

Evaluation Period for New or Promoted Employees

All new Staff employees serve an evaluation period, also called a qualifying or probationary period. This assures that you can perform your job satisfactorily.

Under certain circumstances, a department head may extend this period so you have enough time to demonstrate satisfactory performance. Supervisors are encouraged to provide you with a progress report midway through the evaluation period. Your supervisor should tell you whether you have satisfactorily completed the period.

Promotions and Transfers

The university supports filling vacancies whenever possible by promoting and transferring existing staff. If you are interested in applying for other positions, ensure your application materials are updated in the University’s online application system (OLA). When deciding promotions and transfers, the university considers many factors, including the following:

You will be required to work a specified length of time in a position before requesting a transfer or promotion, unless you have advance approval from your supervisor. Consult with Human Resources for the length of time individuals in your employee group must serve.

If you transfer or are promoted to another Staff position, your university paid time off accumulations will carry over to the new job, subject to the rules that apply to your new position.

Reemployment Provisions

If you separate employment from the university or take a military leave of absence, and are later reemployed, you might have certain provisions restored. See the Reemployment Provisions policy for details. Generally, employees who separate due to a reduction in force, a medical necessity, or military service will have the provisions listed below restored, as long as reappointment occurs within the specified time limit.

If you voluntarily separate from the university and are reemployed in a staff position, you receive university service credit as defined in the Seniority Date/Service Credit policy.

Seniority Date/Service Credit

University seniority date
The university seniority date is the date from which employment has been continuous in a staff position. It excludes any employment as an Temporary employee.

Occupational unit seniority date
The occupational unit seniority date is the date from which employment has been continuous in a staff position in the current occupational unit. It excludes any employment as an Temporary employee. A list of occupational units is contained in the personnel policy manual.

Uses of these dates
The university seniority and occupational unit seniority dates are used to determine seniority in the situations described below. This list is not exhaustive. See the specific policies for details.

University service credit
The university service credit includes all periods of employment in staff positions plus periods of employment in Temporary positions with Retirement. Staff employees continue to accrue university service credit during unpaid leaves of absences for eligible reasons. Consult the personnel policy manual or University Human Resource Services for details.

Uses of university service credit
University service credit is used to determine: time off accrual rates, eligibility for higher time off accrual rates, and terminal pay limits. It is also used as a factor in determining recipients of service recognition programs.

Multiple Jobs or Secondary Employment

It is possible to be employed in more than one IU job at a time. Examples include having two part-time jobs or having a secondary, temporary job in addition to a full-time one. If you are considering holding multiple IU jobs, contact the campus Human Resources office to review the rules governing such circumstances.

Licensing and Motor Vehicle Records Check

As a condition for driving any vehicle on university business, including your personal vehicle or a university vehicle, drivers must give Indiana University authorization to conduct a Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) check and provide all necessary information for the check. Driving on university business will be prohibited if authorization to conduct a MVR check is not given. An MVR check will be conducted annually and the Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims determines when additional record checks are necessary. Commercial driver license holders for certain jobs have additional requirements in accordance with DOT regulations.

If you lose or are threatened with the loss of a certificate or license that is required to perform your job, notify your supervisor immediately. A suspension of your authorization to drive may impact your employment. You and your department will be notified if your authorization to drive on university business is suspended or at risk of being suspended. More information is available from the Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims.

Background Checks

If you participate—as an employee or a volunteer—in a university-sponsored program that provides services to children, you will be required to undergo a criminal background and sex offender registry check every three years.

Personnel Files

You may view the contents of your official personnel file(s). These include files maintained in your department and in Human Resources. Contact your supervisor or Human Resources to make arrangements.


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