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Indiana University

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Indiana University at a Glance

Indiana University is one of the oldest and finest public universities in the nation. Our leadership and advances in medical research, life sciences, and information technology—and new frontiers in the arts, humanities, and social sciences—make us one of the most diverse public research institutions in the United States today.

In 2012, student enrollment at IU totaled over 110,000. This figure includes undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. Of these, more than 42,000 students study at the Bloomington campus and approximately 30,500 students are enrolled at IUPUI.

At the same time, IU plays a key role in the economic and social well-being of Indiana residents, offering educational, cultural, and financial benefits to the state.

More than 230,000 IU alumni work in Indiana. More than 50 percent of Indiana's physicians, 64 percent of optometrists, 35 percent of teachers, 75 percent of lawyers, and 90 percent of dentists are IU graduates.

Over the next decade, IU will recruit nearly 500 of the nation's top life sciences researchers to work at IU campuses and regional medical education centers throughout the state.

Central to IU’s success are its more than 23,000 Academic and Staff employees, many of whom work behind the scenes to ensure that students have the resources they need to succeed at IU and in the workforce. A variety of administrative and support offices are crucial to the ongoing business and success of IU.

In the Fall of 2012, the total number of Staff employees was approximately 10,000. Staff employees are professional, support, and service workers.

IU’s Administration

Indiana University is governed by a nine-member board known as the Board of Trustees of Indiana University. Administrative leadership is provided by Michael A. McRobbie, the president of Indiana University, two executive vice presidents, twelve vice presidents, and a chancellor/provost for each of the eight campuses.

IU’s Eight Campuses

Indiana University is composed of eight campuses—a residential campus in Bloomington, an urban campus in Indianapolis, and regional campuses located in Richmond, Fort Wayne, Kokomo, Gary, South Bend, and New Albany. The campuses at Indianapolis and Fort Wayne have both IU and Purdue academic programs.


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