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Education and Training

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IT Training

Training for Staff & Temporary employees

Employees are encouraged to keep their skills up to date and to cultivate their job security by taking advantage of training through the campus Human Resources office, campus computing and information technology services, university classes, departmental training programs, and job rotation programs.

Most training and development programs are free of charge; many computer training workshops are free or charge a nominal fee (with supervisory and departmental approval, registration fees may be charged to a departmental account); and university class tuition may be covered by the IU Tuition Benefit.

Performance Management

Departments are to implement a performance management procedure for Staff employees. In contrast to performance appraisal, which focuses primarily on an annual evaluation form, performance management emphasizes a continuous process of planning, communication, evaluation, development, and recognition. Employees who want information about the program should contact their supervisor. Managers who want assistance setting up a performance management program should consult Employee and Organizational Development in University Human Resource Services.

Corrective Action (Discipline)

Discipline, in its literal sense, is training that corrects or improves behavior and performance. Its purpose in the workplace is to help an employee improve within his or her position. It is the university's policy and practice to see that discipline is progressive in nature, beginning with the least severe action deemed necessary to correct the undesirable situation, and increasing in severity if the problem is not corrected.

The steps of corrective action usually consist of counseling, verbal warning, written warning, a final written warning and, if necessary, separation.

However, if the problem is serious, the supervisor may bypass earlier steps. Under some circumstances, the corrective action process may include a suspension with or without pay, subject to circumstances described in the personnel policy manual.

Grievance Procedures

Grievance forms

It is the intent of Indiana University to apply its policies in a fair and consistent way. However, disagreement and misunderstandings may occur. When you have a matter of personal concern or dissatisfaction about your job—or you believe that a policy has been incorrectly applied—you have the right to present the matter to the university. The university, in turn, will consider the matter based on its merits. You are encouraged to initially discuss such a matter with your supervisor, dean, or director. If the situation qualifies, you may file a grievance under the university’s formal grievance procedure.

You can request a copy of the grievance procedure and necessary forms from Human Resources or the Problem-Grievance Resolution personnel policy for your employee group.


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