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Staff Handbook


The content of this handbook is not all-inclusive nor a promise or contract between Indiana University and its staff. These guidelines and summaries are intended to be an introduction to how university policies and procedures apply to Staff employees. If you are in a union-represented position, any provisions of the personnel policies covered in a union agreement take precedence over differences contained in this handbook. Union-represented employee groups include Police Service Staff at Bloomington, Indianapolis, Northwest, South Bend, and Southeast campuses; Service Staff at Bloomington, Indianapolis, and South Bend; Support Staff at Bloomington and Northwest; and Stagehands at Bloomington. Also see the section, “Employee Designations.”

At any time, the university reserves its right to modify, change, suspend, or cancel all or any part of the policies, procedures, and programs contained in this handbook. The university will, at its discretion, make changes and develop new or revised policies and procedures from time to time. When possible and appropriate, the university will seek input from staff groups, exclusive employee representatives, and administrators. When the university develops or modifies new policies, procedures, and programs, it will notify members of the university community as soon as possible. Differences that result from such changes will take precedence over the contents of this handbook.

For the most current personnel policy information visit hr.iu.edu/policies/.


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