Policies for Temporary Employees

Establishing Staff Positions
Hourly 1.2

Effective January 2003

This policy applies to all Hourly employees.

A. Procedure
  1. If continuous and regular employment would justify a Staff position, a department head or account manager is responsible for implementing the procedure below.

    1. Inspect the Hourly employment rolls at least quarterly.

    2. In accordance with the September, 1998, Board of Trustees resolution, department heads should establish a Staff position when an Hourly employee is expected to or has worked for 1,930 hours or more in a fiscal year within a responsibility center (RC). Hours of work are based on all expected work within an RC, even if such hours are from different funding sources or different departments within an RC, and/or multiple tasks are performed.

    3. An Staff position must be established and then advertised following the procedures contained in the appropriate policy manual for Staff positions.

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