Policies for Temporary Employees


This policy manual contains Indiana University personnel policies applicable to Temporary employees on all campuses of the university.

Definition of Temporary employee

Temporary employees have either student or non-student status and are defined as those employees not occupying a budgeted line position (an appointed position) and are temporary, at will employees.

Temporary employees are employed at the sole discretion of the employing department and may be released from employment at any time without cause. However, Temporary employees cannot be disciplined for reasons contrary to federal or state law or Trustee policy.

Under Indiana University Board of Trustees policy, Temporary employees are not permitted to work more than 1,508 hours in a calendar year within the University, including all regular and overtime hours aggregated across all jobs and across all University units, starting 2014. In order to work between 999 hours and 1,508 hours in a calendar year, the employee must be in an Temporary with Retirement position.

Temporary employees are identified as nonexempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act and therefore are subject to the requirements for payment of overtime.

The policies within this manual are university-wide. Some contain procedures that are also university-wide. However, in some instances, the procedures to implement or administer a policy vary from campus to campus. In those cases, the policy states that the campus human resources office should be contacted for the procedures specific to the campus. In addition, there are departmental operating procedures covering subject matter applicable to individual departments. Such procedures are supplemental to and not in lieu of the policies in this manual. In case of conflict between such departmental operating procedures and the policies in this manual, the policies in this manual shall control.

The language used in this manual should not be construed as creating a contract of employment between Indiana University and any employee. At any time, the university reserves the right to modify, change, suspend, or cancel all or any part of the policies, procedures, and programs contained in this manual. When the university develops or modifies new policies, procedures, and programs, it will notify members of the university community as soon as possible. Differences that result from such changes will take precedence over the contents of this manual.

For additional information, contact the campus human resources office.

Policy revisions
Red font is used in the Web pages—and italicized and underlined font is used in the printed pages—to indicate revisions. These styles remain in place for approximately one year. For a quick reference of revised policies, please refer to the Table of Contents.

How to print a policy
These policies are formatted to be printed from a Web browser's print function. No special software is needed.

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