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Policies for Professional Staff and
Support and Service Staff not Covered by a Union

Compliance Training
PA/SS 1.4

Revised October 1, 2003
Changes indicated in red font.


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Employees covered by this policy
This policy applies to anyone who supervises Indiana University employees.

A. Goal

The goal of compliance training is to ensure that all Indiana University employees are afforded the protection of employment laws, regulations, and policies, and in so doing, ensure fairness and equality in the workplace.

B. Objectives

  1. To ensure that supervisors and managers possess the knowledge and skills for effective day-to-day decision-making and actions regarding federal and state laws and regulations governing university employment, as well as university policy and procedures.

  2. To ensure that supervisors and managers across all departments and units uniformly apply these laws, regulations, and policies.

  3. To prevent or limit situations that may put the university at risk both legally and financially.

  4. To promote positive employee relations.

C. Achievement of goal and objectives

  1. Through a joint effort among the office of Affirmative Action, University Human Resource Services, Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims, and Environmental Health and Safety, as well as other offices responsible for compliance, the goal and objectives of this policy are achieved by the following:

    1. The development of materials for use in training and on the job

    2. The delivery of training programs by subject matter experts

  2. The materials and training cover a full range of important subjects, including Equal Employment Opportunity, Sexual Harassment, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Worker’s Compensation, as well as other laws and university policies applicable to employees of Indiana University.

D. Responsibilities of supervisors and managers

  1. New and existing supervisors and managers are responsible for:

    1. Completing Compliance Training

    2. Applying the knowledge and skills gained through Compliance Training within their daily work responsibilities

E. Responsibilities of department administrators

  1. The department administrator is responsible for:

    1. Ensuring that each supervisor or manager completes Compliance Training

    2. Supporting the transfer of knowledge and skills gained through Compliance Training within the supervisor’s and manager’s daily work responsibilities

F. Training substitutions and waivers

  1. Compliance Training ensures that supervisors and managers receive instruction on employment laws and regulations as they specifically apply to Indiana University; therefore, no training substitutions (e.g., online course, professional seminar) are accepted.

  2. Requests for waivers based on “related or equivalent experience” are not accepted.

G. Training timeframe

Training for new supervisors is to be completed within the first year of appointment.


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Last updated: 1 October 2003
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