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Policies for Professional Staff and
Support and Service Staff not Covered by a Union

Filling Positions
PA/SS 3.2

Revised October 17, 2011
Changes indicated in red font.

Employees covered by this policy
This policy applies to Professional Staff and Support and Service Staff not covered by a union.

A. Equal opportunity

  1. All persons who apply for a position(s) are given equal consideration regardless of their age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

  2. An alternate format of a position announcement (e.g., Braille, large print, audiocassette, computer disk) must be provided if requested by an individual with a disability.

B. How to fill a position

  1. General provisions

    1. Before filling any vacant position, the department must follow the provisions of the personnel policy “Advertising a Position” and obtain the campus-required approvals.

    2. All individuals seeking employment with Indiana University must complete a university- approved application form before they can be offered any position. This requirement also applies to existing employees who are seeking a position in another occupational unit. An approved application may be a paper or electronic form.

    3. Check with the campus human resources office for specific application instructions and recruitment and selection guidelines. Several campuses print and distribute booklets containing these guidelines.

  2. From within the occupational unit

    1. If there are any employees from the occupational unit who are on layoff status, determine whether any are qualified to perform the available work.

    2. If a layoff list exists, see the Reduction in Force policy for further requirements and the order in which position vacancies must be filled.

    3. If there is no layoff list or an employee on the layoff list does not fill the position, then the department is to communicate the vacancy to all employees within the occupational unit and be able to demonstrate that this has been done. See the policy, Advertising a Position.

  3. From Outside the Occupational Unit

    1. The campus human resources office must first review the campus layoff list if one exists and refer qualified employees who appear on the list.

    2. See the Reduction in Force policy for further requirements and the order in which position vacancies must be filled if a layoff list exists.

    3. No employment commitment can be made to fill a position with a candidate outside of the occupational unit until the department has (1) obtained the necessary approvals to fill the position and (2) presented the qualifications and credentials of all candidates to the campus human resources office.

    4. The campus human resources office will screen applicants on file, recruit qualified applicants, and consider suggestions from the department of any known candidates for the position. See the policy, Advertising a Position.

    5. Unless otherwise agreed to by the employee’s department or for openings occurring in jobs of a unique nature requiring unusual skills and abilities—an employee must work in a position for at least six months before requesting a change to another position.

    6. The campus human resources office may conduct preliminary interviews with and administer required exams to applicants to determine their qualifications. It will then refer the best-qualified candidates to the department.

  4. Making the selection

    1. The department will conduct final interviews, evaluations, and reference checks to determine the suitability of the applicants. Departments should instruct the applicant about the position and its conditions of employment.

    2. In determining an applicant's qualifications, factors to consider include, but are not limited to the following:

      1. Experience

      2. Past work performance

      3. Ability to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation

      4. Educational background

      5. Ability and qualifications to perform the work competently, with or without reasonable accommodation

      6. Attendance record over the last 12 months (not including extended periods of sick leave due to serious illness or injury or approved leave of absence)

      7. Reference checks

      8. Criminal background history (if any)

    3. All relevant factors are to be considered fully. When such factors are found to be relatively equal between two or more candidates, and when at least one candidate is an appointed IU employee, the decision to hire is to be based on occupational unit seniority date first and university seniority date second.

    4. IU Temporary and temporary agency employees in the available position have no seniority.

    5. The department makes the final selection, provided that (1) affirmative action requirements are met; (2) the campus human resources office has been informed of the selection; and (3) where appropriate, the selected candidate passes any required physical exam.

      1. At IUPUI, the satisfactory completion of a pre-employment health evaluation, which may include a drug screening, is required prior to reporting for work for individuals hired for work in the dental school, laboratory, hospital, or clinical areas. Candidates cannot work until the satisfactory results of the health evaluation have been released by IUPUI Health Services.

    6. Newly promoted employees serve an evaluation period. See the Evaluation Period for New or Promoted Employees policy for details.

  5. After the selection is made

    1. A standard written offer of employment is not necessary. No supervisor or administrator may make an offer contrary to the university policies related to employment, compensation or benefits, nor imply nor state that a contract has been created between the university and the future employee. Only the president or vice presidents may offer actual contracts.

    2. The hiring department notifies the candidate who is selected for the position. (The campus human resources office may agree to do this.)

    3. Notify the campus human resources office when the applicant has accepted the position.

    4. When the applicant has accepted the position, see the Backgrounds Checks policy for the background checks required for Staff and Temporary positions.

    5. If the selected applicant is a current IU employee, a two-week notice period for the start date is recommended. However, a shorter or longer period is acceptable if agreed upon between the employee, the hiring department, and the employee’s current department. The campus Human Resources office will aid in coordinating the start date, if requested.  
    6. The hiring department must initiate the HRMS E-Doc to obtain the required approvals. (The campus human resources office may agree to do this.)

    7. All new employees must complete Form I-9 and the authorization form for direct bank deposit.

    8. Final approval of all filled positions by new employees is contingent upon the individual hired completing Form I-9 using the online procedures established by the University. This form verifies that the individual is entitled to work in this country. Federal law requires that the employee be stopped from working if either Section 1 or 2 is not completed within the time limits specified for the section.

      1. The employee must complete online Section 1 of the Form I-9 on or before the first day of employment and present evidence of identity and employment eligibility within three business days of the date employment begins.

      2. The hiring department must examine the evidence of identity and employment eligibility; record online the title, number and expiration date (if any) of the documents; enter the date employment began in the Certification statement of Section 2; and electronically submit the Form I-9 within three business days of the date employment begins.

      3. Copies of documents that the online system specifically identifies are to be scanned into the online system for record keeping. All paper copies used in the verification or scanning process are to be shredded.

      4. The online Form I-9 will automatically be submitted to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's E-Verify system. Follow the instructions in the university's I-9 E-Verify Procedures.

    9. The department will then inform all applicants for the position that the position has been filled. (The campus human resources office may agree to do this.)

C. Minimum increases for promotions of Support and Service Staff

  1. The minimum increase for Support and Service Staff who are promoted to a support and service position in a higher salary grade is five percent or the minimum rate of the new salary grade, whichever is greater. The increase cannot exceed the maximum of the new salary grade.

  2. For further details, see the salary guidelines for the specific campus.

D. Additional information about lateral transfers of Support and Service Staff

  1. A lateral transfer is the reassignment of an employee from one position to another position in the same salary grade within the same salary structure.

    1. Lateral transfers typically do not involve a major change in level of responsibility or job scope and, as such, do not result in a salary change.

  2. A transfer to the same or comparable position in a different salary structure (i.e., from one campus to another) may involve a salary adjustment depending on the comparability of the positions and any differences in the salary grades.

E. Additional information about voluntary demotions of Support and Service Staff

    Employees may voluntarily transfer to a position in a salary grade lower than their current range due to personal or career development reasons or due to a reduction in force. Such a demotion will result in a classification change and a reduction in salary. For further details, see the salary guidelines for the specific campus.

F. Salary Decisions for Professional Staff

    See the policy, Salary Decisions for Professional Staff for guidelines about salary decisions regarding actions such as, promotions, transfers, and demotions for Professional Staff.

G. Accrued time off balances

  1. Except for accrued compensatory time off, all accrued time off balances are transferred between departments and campuses for staff who remain in the same functional classification.

    1. For Support and Service Staff and Professional Staff eligible for overtime, the current department is to grant the compensatory time off or pay for the time before the change to a new department or campus occurs.

    2. For Professional Staff not eligible for overtime, see the policy, Work Hours for Professional Staff Not Eligible for Overtime, for the provisions on additional time off.

  2. For staff who promote into or out of the professional classification, see the policy, Paid Time Off for Professional Staff in the PA Time Off Plan, for the provisions describing how time off balances are converted.

H. Time away from work for interviews

    The university encourages staff to seek promotions and transfers. Therefore, departments may allow staff to take reasonable time away from the job for interviews in other university departments. Staff do not have to make up the time or charge it to paid time off. Each supervisor must determine what is “reasonable” time off, keeping in mind the university’s favorable attitude toward promotion and transfer. If a supervisor believes that one’s absences are excessive, then he or she can require the employee to make up the time. Support and Service Staff and Professional Staff eligible for overtime may be required to charge excessive absences to accumulated time off.

I. Occupying multiple positions

  1. It is possible for an employee to be employed in more than one position at the same time. Examples include a person employed in two 50 percent FTE appointed positions, or an appointed employee working in a Temporary position. Following are the basic rules governing such circumstances:

    1. Appointed staff positions must be at least 50% FTE.

    2. The combined FTE for all appointed positions held by one person cannot exceed 100% FTE.

    3. An individual cannot hold an appointed PAE position (not eligible for overtime) and an appointed PAO or Support and Service Staff position (eligible for overtime) at the same time. See the campus human resources office for valid combinations involving a PAU job.

    4. An employee in a PAO or Support and Service Staff position (eligible for overtime) may also be employed in a Temporary position paid at a bona-fide hourly rate for the work performed in the temporary job.  Biweekly paid employees may not be employed in a second job that is paid as a flat dollar amount for the work performed. Departments should consult with the campus human resources office in determining a bona-fide hourly rate for the work performed in the temporary job.

  2. Contact the campus human resources office if there are any questions about a specific situation.


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