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Policies for Professional Staff and
Support and Service Staff not Covered by a Union

Performance Improvement Plan
PA/SS 6.3

Revised October 1, 2003
Changes indicated in red font.

Employees covered by this policy
This policy applies to Professional Staff and Support and Service Staff not covered by a union.

A. Definition

  1. A Performance Improvement Plan is a written tool available to supervisors for the purpose of:

    1. Improving the performance or behavior of the employee

    2. Addressing performance discrepancies identified in a performance management process

  2. Cooperation and continuing communication between the employee and supervisor is essential to the success of the Performance Improvement Plan. It is a tool to use only if the supervisor and the employee have mutual agreement on the contents of the plan.

B. Procedure for implementing the Performance Improvement Plan

  1. Define the problem

    1. Each needed improvement should be identified in separate statement(s).

    2. Each statement(s) should be supported by appropriate documentation using specific examples to identify areas of improvement.

  2. Define the task, skills and/or behaviors where improvement is required.

  3. Establish the priorities of the areas requiring improvement. Consider frequency of occurrence, relationship to all aspects of the position, and consequence of error.

  4. Identify the standards upon which performance will be measured for each area requiring improvement.

    1. Are they reasonable?

    2. Are they attainable?

  5. Develop a mutually agreeable (supervisor/employee) action plan specifying how the standards will be met. This should include specific training and any other special support that will assist the employee to meet the standards.

  6. Establish short and long-range goals and timetables for accomplishing change in performance/behavior with the employee.

    1. Are they reasonable?

    2. Are they attainable?

    3. Are they flexible?

  7. Put the Performance Improvement Plan in writing and include signatures of both the employee and supervisor to indicate agreement with the plan and its contents.

  8. Establish periodic review dates.

    1. Both the supervisor and the employee must participate in monitoring goals.

    2. Measure actual performance against the standards.

    3. Results of each meeting should be made available in writing.

  9. Establish a Performance Improvement Plan file for the employee.

    1. Include documentation that identifies both improvements and/or continued deficiencies.

    2. Encourage the employee to review this file periodically.

  10. At the end of the Performance Improvement Plan time period, a final evaluation should be conducted. Was the plan successful?

    1. If so, the employee should be notified and removed from the plan.

    2. If not, consider the following options:

      1. Continue the plan if there is mutual agreement to do so

      2. Amend or extend parts of the plan using the steps above and with mutual agreement to do so.

      3. Apply corrective action following the procedures of the Corrective Action policy.


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