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Policies for Professional Staff and
Support and Service Staff not Covered by a Union


Please note any updated policies in the Table of Contents.

This policy manual explains university personnel policies applicable to (1) employees classified as Professional (PA) and designated as not eligible for overtime (PAE), overtime eligible (PAO), or salaried-overtime-eligible (PAU) and (2) employees not represented by a union and classified as support and service, clerical (CL), technical (TE), service maintenance (SM), general supervisory (GS), nursing (NU), nursing assistant (NA), licensed practical nurse (PN), research technician (RS), and confidential Support Staff at Bloomington (SS).

For purposes of this manual, the functional classifications of CL, TE, SM, GS, NU, NA, PN, RS, SS, and similar positions are combined and referred to as Support and Service Staff.

These pages represent only a portion of the university’s personnel policies and procedures for such employees and do not change the authority or intent of policies approved by the Board of Trustees of Indiana University. A complete set of Trustee-approved policies is available for review at the office of the Board of Trustees.

The language used in this manual should not be construed as creating a contract of employment between Indiana University and any employee. At any time, the university reserves the right to modify, change, suspend, or cancel all or any part of the policies, procedures, and programs contained in this manual. When the university develops or modifies new policies, procedures, and programs, it will notify members of the university community as soon as possible. Differences that result from such changes will take precedence over the contents of this manual.

Policy revisions

Red font is used in the Web pages—and italicized and underlined font is used in the printed pages—to indicate revisions. These styles remain in place for approximately one year. For a quick reference of revised policies, please refer to the Table of Contents.

How to print a policy

These policies are formatted to be printed from a Web browser's print function. No special software is needed.


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