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Policies for Support Staff
Represented by CWA, Local 4730 at Bloomington and Northwest

Attendance, Absences, and Personal Emergency
CWA 4.1

Effective date

Revised July 1, 2006

Employees covered by this policy
This policy applies to all Support Staff at IU Bloomington and Northwest.

A. Attendance

  1. Regular attendance as established by the department is a condition of employment.

  2. Approved absences and any verification of the reason for the absence are subject to the provisions contained in Section 12.0, Time Off.

B. Reporting absences

  1. All employees are personally responsible for reporting absences to their supervisor before they are scheduled to begin the workday.

  2. If the absence is due to an emergency, the employee must notify the supervisor as soon as possible of the reason and expected time of return.

    1. At Bloomington, if the supervisor cannot be reached, the employee should follow the reporting procedure of the department. At Northwest, if the supervisor can not be reached, the employee should notify the campus Human Resources office to have any message relayed to the supervisor, unless the department has a different established reporting procedure.

C. Unexcused absences cause for termination

  1. Unexcused absences, with or without pay or time off accrual, may be subject to disciplinary action through the corrective action process.

  2. Prior to terminating an employee, departments must consult with the campus Human Resources office.

  3. Consecutive absences without proper notification as defined in B above are subject to termination.

    1. Three consecutive working days absent without proper notification may be cause for termination.

    2. Five consecutive working days absent without proper notification is cause for termination.

D. Personal emergency

  1. Employees may choose to charge time off for personal emergency to any of these three categories of unused time: vacation time, income protection time, and/or compensatory time off.

  2. The employee may be required to provide documentation on the nature and circumstances of the absence.

  3. The employee must notify the supervisor as soon as possible as to the reason and the expected time of return.

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