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Policies for Support Staff
Represented by CWA, Local 4730 at Bloomington and Northwest

Work Schedules and Uniforms
CWA 5.1

Effective date

Revised July 1, 2013
Changes indicated in red font.

Employees covered by this policy
This policy applies to all Support Staff at IU Bloomington and Northwest.

A. Record-keeping responsibilities

  1. Weekly work schedules should be documented and maintained with other payroll-related records within the department.

  2. It is each employee's responsibility to accurately record all hours worked on the university-provided timekeeping device.

    1. This includes work conducted for the University remotely, whether at an offsite location or via electronic device-unless the work is de minimis.
  3. It is each department's responsibility to maintain a record of all hours worked and to submit the record to Payroll.

    1. Each employee must submit the recorded time to his or her supervisor for approval, before the department submits the record to Payroll.

B. Work schedules

  1. The workweek for all campuses and departments begins and ends at 12:00 midnight on Saturday.

  2. The basic full-time work schedule consists of 40 hours in each workweek.

    1. Schedules different than 40 hours per week are to be approved by the campus Human Resources office with written notification to Payroll

  3. Employees should not be scheduled to work on a regular basis on more than six days of the week.

  4. Administrative office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with one hour off for lunch each day, unless a different schedule is necessary for proper functioning of the department.

    1. Alternative work schedules are permitted. (See Alternative Work Schedules.)

  5. Note that if a change in a Staff employee's work schedule requires the employee to work on a scheduled day off, the employee may be eligible for additional pay as provided by the Changes in Work Schedule provision within the Premium Pay policy.

C. Rest periods

  1. Efforts will be made to permit employees to take rest periods.

    1. Reasonable breaks are normally 15 minutes during each half day of work.

  2. Breaks should be scheduled so that the efficiency of the work unit does not suffer. This can be accomplished by staggering the times for rest periods.

  3. For employees required to work in adverse conditions (e.g., extreme cold), the supervisor may use discretion in scheduling additional breaks.

  4. Time allowed for rest periods is not cumulative and is not intended to cover late arrival or early departure.

D. Lunch breaks
Employees should not be required to work more than six consecutive hours without a minimum of a one-half hour lunch period free from the job. By mutual agreement between the employee and the supervisor an employee can work more than six consecutive hours without an unpaid lunch break of 30 minutes or more, either as an occasional adjustment to the work schedule or on a regular basis as part of an alternative or flexible work schedule.  In these situations every effort should be made to provide the employee the fifteen minute rest periods as provided in paragraph C.

E. Uniform change time
Employees who are required to wear uniforms, but who are not permitted to wear uniforms to and from work, are allowed ten minutes in the scheduled work period for changing into and out of uniforms.

F. Shift preference
Shift preference for job openings having identical duties and responsibilities is given in order of occupational unit seniority. This is not applicable in units where the practice is to rotate shift assignments on a regular basis.

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