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Policies for Support Staff
Represented by CWA, Local 4730 at Bloomington and Northwest

Travel Compensation and Reimbursement
CWA 5.4

Effective date

Revised July 1, 2006

Employees covered by this policy
This policy applies to all Support Staff at IU Bloomington and Northwest.

A. Compensation for Off-Campus Work

  1. When an employee is required to perform a work assignment, attend class, etc., at a location away from the campus of his/her normal work assignment, the employee is eligible for pay.

  2. When an employee who regularly works at a fixed location within one city is given a special one-day work assignment in another city, the travel time between cities -- excluding meal time -- is considered hours worked.

  3. Travel time in excess of the time required to travel from the employee's residence to his or her normal work station-provided it is outside of the normal daily work schedule-is considered hours worked.

    1. Any break in such travel time for meals is not considered hours worked.

  4. When an employee's off-campus work assignment requires overnight lodging, the time during which the employee is free to "come and go" is not considered hours worked.

B. Travel reimbursement

  1. Any employee who has incurred expenses as a result of authorized travel on behalf of the university will be reimbursed for such expenses in accordance with the applicable reimbursement procedures.

  2. Employees can obtain current information concerning reimbursement entitlements and procedures from the departmental account manager or Travel Management Services at

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Last updated: July 2006
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