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Premium Pay
CWA 5.5

Effective: July 1, 2013
Last Updated: July 1, 2013

Responsible University Office: University Human Resources

Responsible University Administrator: Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Policy Contact: University Human Resources

A. Scope

This policy applies to all Support Staff at IU Bloomington and Northwest.

B. Policy Statement

This policy establishes the university's personnel policies on the following premium pay benefits for Support Staff: call back pay, on-call or standby pay, and shift differential premium.

C. Reason for Policy

Indiana University recognizes that certain work related circumstances call for additional compensation in the form of premium pay in addition to an individual's base salary. The purpose of this policy is to identify those circumstances, the criteria to qualify for the premium pay, the amount of the premium pay, and the general guidelines for administering the premium pay.

D. Procedures

  1. Call-back/Call-in pay
    1. An appointed employee must be compensated for a minimum of two (2) hours at a rate of pay equal to one and one-half the hourly rate if scheduled, called back, or called in to work outside the normal daily work schedule.
      1. This provision applies only if travel to and from the work location is required.
      2. Employees will only receive this compensation once, regardless of the number of trips back to work within the same block of time;
      3. This pay is not applicable if the additional work/shift is scheduled in advance or when the employee is called in early for a scheduled shift or is required to stay after the end of a scheduled shift; and
      4. Only time actually worked counts towards overtime determination.
  2. Stand-by or on-call pay
    1. A department will establish in consultation with the campus human resources office stand-by procedures for the department that are consistent with the criteria listed in paragraph 2 below.  The department will determine what jobs are covered and what hours are covered for stand-by time for the department and provide the information to the employees and to the campus human resources office.
    2. Eligibility for stand-by pay will be determined in consultation with the department and the campus human resources office and must meet all of the following criteria:
      1. Employees are required to be available stand-by to work at a time that is outside their normal scheduled hours of work.
      2. During the designated stand-by hours, employees who are assigned to stand-by status are unrestricted in movements or location, but must remain accessible by phone or pager and in a fit condition to work.
      3. Stand-by employees must be available and respond within a reasonable time period established by the department.
      4. Employees assigned to stand-by status who cannot be located, who do not respond in a timely manner, or who fail to report to work when called in will forfeit stand-by pay for that day.
      5. When a position is posted that a department is aware may include stand-by duties the department should include that information on all job postings.
    3. The amount of the stand-by pay will be one hour's pay for every eight hours on call.  This is premium pay and is not counted toward hours worked.
  3. Changes in Work Schedules
    If a change in an appointed employee's work schedule requires the employee to work on a scheduled day off, such work is compensated at time and one-half. However, if the employee receives notice of the schedule change at least five calendar days in advance of the scheduled day off, the work is compensated at the regular rate.
  4. Shift Differential Pay
    1. Each campus, in consultation with Human Resources, will determine if it will provide any shift differential and, if so, what jobs are covered, what hours are covered, and the amount of the compensation for shift differential for that campus and will make that information available to Support Staff employees in the affected departments and the campus human resources office. CWA will be informed of any decision to utilize this provision.  In all cases:
      1. Shift differentials are separate from the base wage for the covered positions.
      2. The shift differential is to be combined with the base hourly rate before the calculation of any overtime rate for hours worked that are covered by a shift differential.
      3. An employee who is absent and charges time to accumulated vacation or income protection time benefits, will be paid shift differential if it would have been paid if the time had been worked.
      4. Shift differential is not paid on paid-time-off benefits received as separation pay.

E. Sanctions

Managers, supervisors, and employees who violate this policy are subject to corrective action, up to and including separation.

F. Web Address for this Policy

G. History

This is a new policy effective July 1, 2013. It includes new provisions and ones previously contained in the Work Schedules policy. The new provisions are Call-back/Call-in Pay and Shift Differential Pay.

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