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Policies for Support Staff
Represented by CWA, Local 4730 at Bloomington and Northwest

Career Development and Changing Positions
CWA 6.5

Effective date

Revised July 1, 2006

Employees covered by this policy
This policy applies to all Support Staff at IU Bloomington and Northwest.

A. Introduction

  1. The university seeks to promote an atmosphere conducive to exploring career opportunities and to supporting the efforts of employees who want to develop their skills and interests, and fulfill their values through employment at IU.

  2. Employees accomplish career development by acquiring and/or improving skills that qualify them for a promotion, lateral transfer, or even a demotion (e.g., to obtain certain skills) within the same department or to another department.

  3. Consistent with this policy, managers and supervisors are expected to consider employees for promotion within their own departments and to allow them to seek opportunities in other departments.

B. Employee responsibilities

  1. Employees interested in career development are expected to take ownership of this process which includes planning and carrying out the important responsibilities described in this section.

  2. Employees must keep their employment application, resume, test results and other relevant materials up to date.

  3. Employees interested in position changes inside their occupational unit at Bloomington or within their department at Northwest may request a meeting with their supervisor.

    1. When an occupational unit at Bloomington or a department at Northwest plans to fill a position by promoting an appointed employee from within the occupational unit or department, the position does not have to be listed with the campus Human Resources office. Such vacancies are to be posted on appropriate bulletin boards for five working days-or communicated to all employees within the unit-before the vacancy is posted externally by the campus Human Resources office.

    2. An individual with a disability may request an alternate format of the position announcement from the department.

    3. Employees interested in position changes outside their present occupational unit or department may request an interview with the campus Human Resources office to present their interests and qualifications.

  4. At Bloomington each week, Employment Services advertises employment opportunities listed with University Human Resources Services. Employees are expected to screen the listing of available positions from the online Jobs site at

  5. At Bloomington, employees interested in Support Staff positions must complete the online application.

  6. At Northwest, the Human Resources office will post the positions on its Web site at as positions become available.

C. Employee time off to pursue career development

  1. The university encourages staff to pursue career development opportunities; therefore, reasonable time away from the job for IU-provided training and development classes (see the Training and Education Policy) and IU job interviews is permissible. Employees are not required to make up the time or charge it to accumulated time off.

  2. Each supervisor will have to determine what is reasonable time off, keeping in mind the university's favorable attitude toward promotion and transfer. If these absences become excessive in the judgment of the supervisor, time off can then be made up or charged to accumulated time off.

D. Qualifications and eligibility for changing positions

  1. In considering an employee's qualifications, departments consider the following factors:

    1. Experience

    2. Past performance

    3. Ability to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation

    4. Educational background

    5. Ability and qualifications to perform the work competently, with or without reasonable accommodation

    6. Attendance record over the last 12 months (not including extended periods of sick leave due to serious illness or injury or approved leave of absence)

  2. All relevant factors are considered fully. Where such factors are found to be relatively equal between two or more candidates, and where at least one candidate is an appointed IU employee, the decision to hire is governed by occupational unit seniority date first and university seniority date second, as defined in the Senority Date / Service Credit Policy.

    1. Temporary and temporary agency employees in an available position have no seniority.

  3. Existing appointed employees may seek position changes within the university through one of the following: promotion, lateral transfer, or a voluntary demotion.

    1. The campus Human Resources office acts as the clearing agency for information, interviews, arrangements, and approvals regarding interdepartmental position changes.

    2. Unless otherwise mutually agreed to by the employee and the department-and except for openings occurring in jobs of a unique nature requiring unusual skills and abilities-an employee must work in a position for at least four months before requesting a change to another position. Final determination of the required length of service will be based on the employee's qualifications in the current position and his/her ability to assume the new position. This determination will be subject to consultation with the campus Human Resources office.

    3. After a support staff employee gives notice that he/she has selected another position in the university, the employee will be transferred within two weeks of the date of notification of selection or on the effective date of the position opening, whichever is later.

      1. An exception to this rule is allowed when the department head of the hiring department agrees to a longer period of time.

  4. The department makes the final selection, provided that (1) affirmative action requirements are met, and where appropriate, (2) the selected candidate passes any required physical exam.

  5. See the Salary Decisions for Individual Employees Policy, for information about new hire salaries and salary changes for promotions, laterals transfers, and demotions.

E. Transfer of employee benefits

  1. An employee's benefits will be transferred between departments and campuses, except that the employee's current department is to grant accrued compensatory time off or paid as overtime pay before the position change occurs. See the Overtime Policy.

F. Additional information and resources

  1. See the Training and Education Policy for information about staff training provisions, university class attendance, and training and education fees.

  2. See the IU Tuition Benefit (formerly Fee Courtesy) for information about subsidized tuition for university classes.

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