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Position Description for Staff Positions

Managers are responsible for structuring the duties and responsibilities assigned to positions. The purpose of this form is to document the duties and responsibilities officially assigned to the below position, as of the indicated date.

Position descriptions have many purposes, including: recruitment and selection, new hire orientation, on-going performance management and development, staffing analysis, position classification, etc. (not intended to be inclusive).

Position descriptions should be updated as needed to reflect significant changes in duties and/or responsibilities.

Important Information to know about this form:

  1. If you submit the form without completing the sections indicated with an asterisks *, you will get an error message and lose any other information entered on the form.
  2. If you close the web browser before clicking the submit button the information you have entered will not be saved, and cannot be recovered.
  3. If you need to step away from your work for an extended period of time, it is recommended that you submit the form to generate the email then you can continue working on the document using the emailed form.

How to use this form:

  1. Fill out the web based form by filling in the sections below.
  2. When completed click the submit box on the bottom of the form.
  3. An email will be sent to the email address that was entered in the Submitter's Information Section of this form. It will contain the contents of the form and spaces for signature(s) and can be copied and pasted into a Word document for further editing and saving.

* = required


Type of position description
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New Position Data Update (UPD) Position Review (PRV)
Reorganization (REO) 10 Month (10P) Activation (ACT)

submitter's Information

Name: *

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Position Information
Position #:    Position title:
Enter a "0" or type "none" for NEW position requests.

Department name:    Department ID:

Incumbent's name:
If the position is new or not currently filled type "Vacant."

Supervisor's name:

Supervisor's title:

this section is required For existing positions submitted for review (PRV) or update (UPD) only:
Please provide a paragraph that summarizes what duties have changed, been added, removed, and what new skills were learned or are needed to perform the work. Clarify why these changes have occurred (i.e. restructuring, reorganization, addition or removal of department responsibilities that affected the position) and how the position's scope and complexity have been impacted.
A. Primary Role
Type a brief summary of the position's primary role within the university, campus, or department.
B. Primary Duties and Responsibilities
List the percentage and description of each primary duty and responsibility assigned to the position, including "what," "how," and "why" work is performed. Total must equal 100%.

% of Time
Duty & responsibility
C. Qualifications
List the minimum qualifications of the position in each of the following sections. The qualifications should be directly related to the position's primary duties and responsibilities, not necessarily the incumbent's attributes.

Minimum education: the minimum education required to perform the above primary role of this position.

Minimum experience: the minimum years of applicable and relevant work experience that would be necessary to effectively perform in the position.

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities: specific knowledge, skills, abilities, and special licenses needed to effectively perform in the position (software, professional certifications, drivers' license, languages, etc.).

Equipment utilized: equipment with which the incumbent must be familiar or will be required to operate or use.

D. Level of Decision Making
Describe the extent to which the responsibilities are designed to follow established policies and procedures and/or make decisions which will affect outcomes. Provide examples that reflect the primary role of the position and how the position would address a problem that may arise.

E. Scope and Impact
Describe the level of job complexity and scope of influence (university, campus, school, RC, program, project, etc.). Provide examples of direct responsibility and accountability for policy development and/or administration, if applicable.

F. Direction Provided to Others
List the position number, position title, and classification for all individuals (up to eight) supervised and indicate type of supervisory responsibility using the key below.

If no direction to others is provided, leave the space blank.
1 = Provide direction and guidance on day-to-day work and may have a lead role
2 = Interview, select and train
3 = Ability to hire and involuntarily terminate
4 = Set and adjust rates of pay and work hours

Position number Position title/classification Supervisory responsibilities
(enter a 1, 2, 3, and/or 4)
G. Physical Requirements
Describe the physical demands, if any, that are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the primary functions of this position.

H. Comparable Positions (Optional)
List positions with comparable duties and responsibilities and similar scope of responsibility.

Position number Position title/classification Department/RC
I. Approval and Acknowledgement
This section must contain the required electronic signatures of the immediate supervisor, next level manager, and the employee.  The electronic signatures verify the information contained in this document is accurate.

The contents of this form will only be sent to the email address entered in the Submitters Information Section of this form.

When you close the web browser the information you have entered will not be saved, and cannot be recovered.


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