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10-Month Staff Positions

Indiana University policies provide for the establishment of Staff positions on a 12-month or 10-month basis. Positions in each category, 12- or 10-month, may be established from 50% FTE to 100% FTE, with 100% FTE meaning the incumbent will work at least 40 hours per week.

Positions with standard hours of 30 per week, either 12- or 10-month appointments, are considered full-time for the purpose of determining eligibility for employee benefit plans. Positions with standard hours below 30 are considered part-time for employee benefit plan purposes. (See eligibility provisions for specific benefit plans.)

Staff positions can be initially established as 12- or 10-month appointments or changed to one or the other at a later date. In the event a position is changed from 12- to 10-month, then the incumbent is covered by University Reduction in Force policies; similarly, a reduction in FTE (reduced standard hours) is covered by Reduction in Force policies. If an employee voluntarily requests that her/his position be changed from a 12-month to 10-month status, and there is management agreement, then the University's Reduction in Force policies do not apply.

When a position is changed from 12-month to 10-month status, then the incumbent's base salary would be changed to 10/12s of the position’s budgeted base salary.

HRMS system provisions automatically accommodate 10-month exempt Staff positions that coincide with the academic year, August through May. Departments may establish 10-month Staff positions that do not match the academic year by including a note in the E-doc stating the months that the position will not be filled. In addition, 10-month Staff positions do not have to be in consecutive months. Ten-month Staff positions are based on complete months for salaried Staff and as close as possible to complete bi-weekly pay periods for non-exempt Staff.

University Human Resource is available for consultation with departments who are considering changing the appointment period for existing Staff positions.

The Procedures document (PDF) contains step-by-step instructions for E-Doc users.


Page updated: 5 August 2014
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