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ETC Testimonials

What participants say about the program

ETC classes have made me realize that I hold my present and future in my hand, and that only I am responsible for making my dreams and wishes come true.

In my current position I have been able apply many of the techniques that I have learned through these classes and feel ready to tackle other areas that need help.  Not only has it been a wonderful experience with the knowledge and confidence I have gained, it has given me a positive outlook for future personal and professional growth. The instructors have been fantastic. They have taken very difficult subjects and made them enjoyable through their humor, professionalism and intelligence. The networking with other knowledgeable people on campus has been quite educational and rewarding.

• • •

ETC is definitely a commitment and worth the time invested.

• • •

Each class of ETC has been a wonderful learning experience.  I always feel like a better person after each class.  And I leave with knowledge I pass on to others.

• • •

My moment came at the Conflict and Confrontation class.  I realized that I was accommodating everyone else, and that I need to change this to give my work the attention it needs and to gain respect from others.

• • •

For me, ETC has been like a refresher course. Or maybe I should say rejuvenator. It's given me the impetus to re-think various aspects of my professional life. I've gained support and encouragement through the on-going contact and interaction with my classmates, learning about their work situations, and sharing ideas with them.

One of the outstanding aspects of the program is the quality of the trainers and support staff. Their enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism have been an inspiration to me.

• • •

ETC made me more at home at IU.  I met some wonderful people and learned more about what resources are available to employees.

• • •

I really enjoyed all of the aspects of the ETC.  ETC forced me, a "techy" kind of guy, to move from my comfort zone. I found plenty of support from both participants and the facilitators.

• • •

ETC has been a rewarding learning experience.  I feel I've gained many insights and tools, which will help me become a more productive IU staff member.  The presenters did a great job of providing us with a 'big picture' view of the university workplace; and it's been especially good for me to get out and meet some of my fellow IU workers.  Many thanks to one and all.

• • •

I didn’t miss one class because I didn’t want to miss anything!

• • •

It is quite difficult to put into words what the ETC class, its participants, and the instructors have meant to me. Besides the wealth of information the instructors brought to class, their great attitude and humor were contagious… I feel very fortunate to have met so many terrific people and learn about the departments they work in… I truly hope to have the opportunity to cross paths again with all the ETC participants and instructors throughout my journey here at IU. Thank you.


Page updated: 18 September 2009
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