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What is Worker's Compensation?

Worker's Compensation provides benefits to employees who sustain injuries by accident arising out of and in the course of their employment. In the State of Indiana employers are required by Law to provide Worker's Compensation coverage for their employees either by purchasing coverage through an insurance company or by becoming self-insured. At Indiana University, we are self-insured for Worker's Compensation, which means we administer and pay the claims from our own funds. University Human Resources is responsible for processing these claims which includes review of claims, payment of benefits and denials of claims.

Who is Covered?

All employees are covered whether they are faculty, staff, full-time, temporary, or work-study. The benefits provided by University Human Resources are those mandated by Law. The university does provide supplemental benefits for full-time appointed staff.

What is a Compensable Claim?

For a claim to be covered under Worker's Compensation, it must fall within the limits of the Worker's Compensation guidelines as an injury by accident rising out of and in the course of employment. If an injury occurs at the work site and during work hours, it does not mean that the claim will automatically be covered.

Listed below are a few examples to further explain:

Injured on the job, what should you do?

All Staff and Temporary employees must refer to the Injury on the Job policy.

Procedure for reporting a claim, medical care or reporting lost time:

Injury on the Job policy

All lost time must be reported to University Human Resources (855-4847) prior to submitting this time to payroll. This time needs to be reported for all employees, including Temporary.

What Benefits are available through Worker's Compensation?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if I don't report the accident the same day of occurrence?

Is the supervisor required to report all injuries to University Human Resources?

What if the supervisor disagrees with the circumstances reported on the Occupational Injury/Illness Report?

I was given a physician's statement indicating I can return to work with a restriction of no lifting over 10 pounds. What do I do?


Where do I obtain the Occupational Injury/Illness Report?


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