Staff Records

  1. Employment Records include all of the following:
    1. Human Resources staff personnel files
    2. Dean of Faculties Academic Employee Records
    3. Departmental main office files
    4. Supervisor's files
    5. Any file maintained by the employee's name or identification number
    6. The file may be on paper or in an electronic format.
  2. IU's policies on Access to Employment Records:
    1. Staff employees
    2. Academic employees
  3. Indiana's Law on Access to Employment Records:
    1. Indiana Open Records Law: Indiana Code 5-14-3-2 Section 4(b) (see link below)
      1. Personnel files of public employees and files of applicants for public employment are closed except for:
        1. The name, compensation, job title, business address, business telephone number, job description, education and training background, previous work experience, or dates of first and last employment of present or former officers or employees of the agency:
        2. Information relating to the status of any formal charges against the employee: and
        3. The factual basis for a disciplinary action in which final action has been taken and that resulted in the employee being suspended, demoted, or discharged.
        4. However, all personnel file information shall be made available to the affected employee or his representative.
    2. All other items are closed to the public
    3. An employee shall have access to his/her entire record
    4. For additional information, see the complete Indiana Open Records Law
  4. Examples of Items Not Open to the Public
    1. Social Security Number
    2. Home address and home telephone number
    3. Benefit enrollments and beneficiaries
    4. Medical records
    5. Injury records
    6. Attendance records
    7. ADA related records including accommodations
    8. Reference letters
    9. Performance appraisals
    10. Merit award nominations
    11. Grievances and grievance responses
    12. Unemployment Compensation claims.
  5. If you have questions about access to a particular record or piece of information, contact University Counsel for a response if in doubt about whether a particular piece of information should be treated as open or closed to the public.



For questions and more information, contact Rob Springston, University Director of Employee Relations at 855-1995.