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Indiana Pervasive Computing Research (IPCRES) Initiative

A Project of Indiana University and the Lilly Endowment


The Indiana Pervasive Computing Research (IPCRES) Initiative is a partnership between Indiana University and the Lilly Endowment to develop a world-class research capability in Indiana to advance research in some of the fundamental technologies that will drive the 21st century information economy and to use this capability to help grow the information economy in Indiana. IPCRES seeks to leverage what is clearly emerging as one of the major macro-phenomena in information technology (IT) in the next century — pervasive computing.

Pervasive computing is the increasingly powerful combination of high-speed computers and intelligent devices, ranging from scientific instruments to home appliances to online digital libraries, all completely interconnected by wired and wireless networks and accessible anywhere in the world.

Pervasive computing anticipates the continuation and acceleration of three major trends in IT — rapid improvements in size, speed and cost — as smaller, faster, and less expensive microprocessors become integrated into every aspect of day to day life. This will have increasingly major impacts in education and entertainment, manufacturing and design, health care and home safety. All these areas and more will be transformed as advances in IT lead to a world in which computing, telecommunication, and information are truly pervasive.

IPCRES is based on a five year $30 million grant to Indiana University from the Lilly Endowment and is one of the largest grants in support of research in Indiana that the Lilly Endowment has ever made.

The overall strategy of IPCRES will be to:

Key to this Initiative will be the establishment of six world-class research laboratories in areas that will be fundamental to building the pervasive computing environment of the future. These IPCRES Laboratories will be headed by researchers of the highest international standing, Distinguished Scientists who are recognized as leaders in their respective fields and who will attract highly talented young faculty and graduate students to join them. The Laboratories will be of substantial size and well-equipped, and will provide an outstanding environment that will help attract researchers of the highest quality to Indiana.

The focus of the work of the IPCRES Laboratories will be on research that is fundamental to pervasive computing. This will be carried out in two broad fields — software technologies and advanced telecommunications. In each of these two fields five major research areas have been identified from which the areas for the final IPCRES Laboratories will be established.

In the field of software technologies these five areas are:

In the field of advanced telecommunications these five areas are:

The IPCRES Laboratories will be geographically located so as to leverage Indiana University's IT strategy and its academic strengths. Three will be established in advanced telecommunications at IUPUI. This will build on the central role of IUPUI and Indianapolis in IU's telecommunications infrastructure. The other three IPCRES Laboratories will be established in software technologies at IU Bloomington. This will build on IUB's strengths as the center of IU's activities in computational and data-intensive software systems.

As part of its overall strategy, IPCRES will leverage this research effort to expand the information economy in Indiana. Central to this will be the by establishment of an Economic Development Office to direct its efforts in this area. The goal of this Office is to build on the technology developments and scientific discoveries of the IPCRES Laboratories to create new businesses, to infuse new technologies into existing businesses and to attract new companies to Indiana. It will also build on IU's involvement in national and international developments in advanced telecommunications and software technologies that will underpin pervasive computing. IU is home to a number of world-class research programs in these areas, is centrally involved in Internet2 and a number of major international research networks, and has strong relationships with a number of leading IT companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Cisco.

A key element in the success of IPCRES as a force for economic development in Indiana will be an increase in the number of graduates trained in IT. IU's proposed new School of Informatics will be the focus of these efforts. This School will be IU's first new School in 25 years.

IU's Advanced Research and Technology Institute (ARTI) will play an important part in the IPCRES economic development activities and will work with the Initiative to provide researchers with a focus for collaboration with industrial partners on joint projects.

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Posted 21 September 1999
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