IUB GreekNet Service

For Greek houses and other buildings which house University related activities in a building not on the IU Wire Plant, an optimized collaboration with Ameritech allows a reasonably priced connection to the IU network at T1 speeds.

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  • Statistics As of February 1, 2002, the number of Greek Houses and Greeknet connections equal 39.
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  • Problem analysis, problem reporting The Greek house or IU organization should have a computer support person whom they directly contracted to consult and trouble shoot all internal problems within the house or IU organization. The computer support person should always be called first. After determining problem is with the router or T1 the computer support person should contact via e-mail or phone 855-3699. Remember the Greek house or IU none general funded organization will be billed at the time and materials rate for all UITS visits, except for router or T1 service that is already under a maintenance contract.
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