Am I really having trouble connecting to the Commodity Internet?

    There are a number of reasons why you can't access a Web site. The error message you receive often provides hints to what the specific problem is.

    If you receive a "404 error," then it is likely the site has changed addresses or is no longer available. Because of the fluid nature of the Internet, it is common for Web pages to change URLs (addresses), switch sites or even disappear altogether; especially if an individual rather than a corporation or organization maintains the site.

    If the error you receive indicates the browser is not able to make a connection or that there is some other network error, the problem is probably related to the system rather than the site's URL. Very busy sites will sometimes have so much traffic that you won't be able to connect. There might also be network and hardware problems on either end of the connection. These problems are usually temporary and you will often be able to access the site if you try again later.

    Finally, some Web pages allow access only by selected individuals. For example, only people in the Internet domain can access several Web pages at Indiana University. The Web site detects the origination of the "hit", and depending upon the Internet domain, permits or refuses access to the site.

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