IUB Remote Access Modem Pool

A pool of approximately 529 modems is available at IUB for up to 56Kbps dial-up access by Indiana University facility staff and students. Two different numbers are used for different classes of service.

Numbers to call
  • 856-5200 has a two-hour time limit. If you do get disconnected just call back in.
  • 856-5202 has an eight-hour time limit. Use this number if you need to be connected for a long time.
  • Policy
  • Modem Pool Fair Use Policy
  • Protocols
  • Supported and not supported
  • Current status This is a snap shot of the modem pools. The web page is updated every 5 min.
    Knowledge Base
  • What is a Modem?
  • Problem analysis, problem reporting

    To report problems call the Help desk at 812-855-6789. Be sure to tell them what number or numbers you have been dialing, Any error messages you are receiving on your screen and are you calling the help desk on the same phone line that your computer uses.

    Use this link to help you find the source of the problem if it seems to be on your end of the connection.

    Equipment All the 856-52xx lines use Cisco Access servers. All support up to 56KB dial-up connections. The lines connecting the Access servers to the Bloomington phone switch are PRI (Primary rate interface) digital lines.

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