Data Network Services Procedures

IUB Procedures

IUB Datajack procedures

IUB Ordering a new jack and/or (de)activation
Renovation procedures

IUB Interbuilding connectivity procedures

Networking provisions for a new building
Building renovation
Moving or expanding your department

IUB Remote Access Modem Pool

856-5200 has 460 lines connected to this number. There is a two-hour time limit. If you do get disconnected just call back in.
856-5202 has 69 lines connected to this number. There is an eight-hour time limit. Use this number if you need to be connected for a long time.

IUB Greeknet

Greek Houses or IU organizations wishing to connect to the GreekNet begin the process by having an authorized representative for the house or organization contact the IUB Network Operations Center (NOC) via e-mail at This e-mail should state the nature of the request, providing the name and address of the organization and the name, phone number, and e-mail address of the authorized representative for the Unit in this matter. In response to this message an appointment with a UITS installation coordinator will be set. The UITS coordinator will outline the steps required to connect and will arrange a site visit to identify an acceptable equipment location and demarcation point.

Community Services (Bloomington ISPs)

ISPs that are interested in connecting to the IU peering point located in the Showers building will need to contact the IUB Network Operations Center via email A representative will contact and arrange a meeting to discuss procedure and requirements for access to the IUB network.

IUPUI Procedures

IUPUI Datajack procedures

Ordering a new datajack

IUPUI Interbuilding connectivity procedures

IUPUI Remote Access Modem Pool

IUPUI Modem numbers to call
278-5620 -- modems are available for up to 4 hours of Internet service.

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