IUB Network Operations Specific Services

(See also: IUPUI Network Specific Services)

Standard Datajack Connectivity

Our basic mode of service to the end user on the IUB campus is switched Ethernet to the datajack in the office, dorm room, or public area.

Inter-Building (Backbone) Connectivity Buildings are connected to the campus backbone using Ethernet equipment and fiber optic cable where provisioned. Where fiber is not available, buildings with IU dial tone are connected at T1 speeds (1.54 Mbps) using copper pairs in the IU wireplant. To connect an IU office or affiliate not located within a building on the IU phone system, Greek Houses for example, the GreekNet (covered as a separate service, below) was developed as an agreement between SBC and IU to provide T1 service to these houses
Internet Service Worldwide Internet connectivity (known as commodity Internet) is maintained for IUB students, faculty and staff by connection to a major Internet service provider. IUB Network Operations monitors the use of this service and assures the availability of bandwidth and connectivity.
Remote Access Modem Pool A pool of modems is available at IUB for up to 56Kbps dial-up access by Indiana University users. With the increased availability of DSL and cable modem services, many are shifting away from the lower speed dial-up services to achieve higher remote access
GreekNet For Greek Houses and other buildings which house University related activities in a building not on the IU phone system, an optimized colaboration with SBC allows a reasonably priced connection to the IU network at T1 speeds.
Community Services (Bloomington ISPs) To allow local ISPs to pass traffic destined for hosts on the IUB network, and visa versa, without routing this traffic through the Internet, we provide a common peering point on the IU campus.
Wireless Network Support UITS, Telecommunications provides planning, technical support and guidance for departments with campus-wide wireless installations, and offers a new wireless service with full support in buildings and other common areas.
Intercampus Connectivity Data connections from IUB to IUPUI and the Regional Campuses, and to the Internet 2 (Abilene) Network (via IUPUI) are maintained by IU Network Operations.
Halls of Residence Networking Services Connectivity from the Halls of Residence on the IUB campus is managed as a separate network, providing networking services to students in their dormatories, in a manner similar to the rest of the campus network
Advanced Remote Access Services

With the advent of new high speed services like DSL and cable modems offered by commercial ISPs, attractive alternatives to the standard dial-up mode of remote access are now available to enable IU staff, faculty and students to have a higher bandwidth connection to the internet.

See the master index of services for a complete list of telecommunications services.

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