Faculty Learning Community

In academic year 2011/2012, UITS began a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) surrounding the use of Second Life for pedagogical and research purposes. This FLC has seen the selection of 8 projects who will have resources and money availed to them, as well as space on the IUSL island. These projects will meet, discuss, plan, and prepare for the delivery of teaching and learning via Second Life for the Spring 2012 semester.

While the projects have already been selected, there may be other opportunities for you to use and participate in activites on the island. Please contact the FLC lead, John Gosney (jgosney -at- iupui.edu) for more information.

FLC Tour

In early Fall of 2011, we did a thorough tour of the island and its resources, as well as what could be used for the FLC and some of the options therein. View the videos below for more information.

Note: The tour shows and discusses resources on the island in August/September of 2011 - not all of these resources are available today, and more will be added.

Second Life Project (FLC) Spaces

As the IU Second Life Faculty Learning Community (FLC, http://uits.iu.edu/page/bbcn) takes off, we're beginning to see projects pop up on the island. On the MAP page they are labeled in general in italics. Some of those spaces are below.

Photo Name Brief


Hospital The hospital, still being built, will house the Dental Hygiene and Nursing projects, led respectively by Professors Coan and Gossett. There will be a dental clinic with functioning booths, an emergency room, an x-ray room, and patient rooms. This will also have an office space for the Global Health Clinic (see below) and shared cafe and lounge spaces.

Design Building

Visual Culture Cafe
The newly named "Visual Culture Cafe" will house our art and design projects, led by Professor Jane Cera. There will be works of art and shared work areas for students to work and share.


Quechua Center
Dr. Serafin M. Coronel-Molina has envisioned a great center to be built to study the Quechua language and the surrounding cultures. The space will feature artwork, language samples, and games aimed to help students learn the Quechua language and culture.


Global Health Clinic
The Global Health Clinic, led by Professor Umoren, will provide students an innovative look at what a medical clinic might entail in Africa. This project has spawned a separate SL island due to its expansive nature!

Angel Mounds

Angel Mounds
Professor Maltese wants to see a dig site related to Archaeology and Geology surrounding the Angel Mounds dig site down in southern Indiana. A replication of the archaeological process will be built near the IUSL nature preserve soon!