IUSL Spaces

Here is a look at the spaces the IUSL campus has to offer, including learning spaces, meeting rooms, classrooms, casual areas, a sandbox, a nature preserve, and more. Go to the island now to check these out!

Photo Name Brief

Welcome Area

Welcome Area This is where all avatars "land" when coming to the island. Here you can find a map, the island covenants (rules), and some other helpful materials. Sign posts will point the way to other areas.

Campus Row

Campus Row This is a path that displays a sample, miniaturized building from each of the 8 IU real-life campuses.


Public Sandbox This is an area in Second Life to build on your own, without even owning land. Join your classmates and colleagues and begin building your SL virtual projects here! NOTE: This sandbox is build-only (no scripts) to protect residents and projects from griefing and spam - if you need script access in this space, please contact uitssl@indiana.edu or "UITS Core (uits.core)" in-world.


Gazebo A casual meeting space with a campfire, perfect for an informal meeting to discuss anything and everything.

Main Hall

Main Hall This is a tribute to the many gothic and limestone buildings at many of our IU real-life campuses. It contains a 40-seat classroom, offices, conference room, and casual lounge spaces.


Amphitheatre A casual out-door amphitheatre with cozy fire in the Learning Area.

interview tower

Interview Office Come practice interviews in a simulatd office tower.

New Classroom

New Classroom A classroom with group tables, lounging chairs, and web-enabled screens in the Learning Area.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms Two meeting rooms with table, chairs, and web-enabled screen, in the Learning Area.

Nature Preserve

Nature Preserve A vast sea of trees and natural peace, including a pond, a waterfall, a stream, a remake of the IUSB pedestrian bridge, and a doc at the SE corner of the island. Enjoy yourself!