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Upcoming Events and Trips

To sign up for any of the following events, please fill out the On-line Registration Form!


Welcome Back Picnic

Get to know people and fill your stomach with barbeque chicken and ribs, plus all the fixin's, on Sunday August 30th, immediately following the 10:30 Divine Service. Rain or shine! It's FREE! Inivte your friends and roommates.


Eat and Greet!

Universtiy Lutherans bearing pizza and drinks will visit your residence hall, apartment complex, or neighborhood if at least ten people who are connected to U.Lu or would like to be connected to U.Lu let us know they are there! This is a great way to meet others from your living area who are connected to Christ! You will also meet a pool of people with whom you can go to church! We try to do this as early as possible in the fall semester, so start finding people where you live as soon as you move in! Be sure to e-mail us at U.Lu to let us know where you live, even if you think we know already!! Remember, it only takes ten people!





Intramural Sports

To request to be on a team, or to find out if a team in any particular sport is being formed, send us an email.  

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