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Indiana University-South Bend Unit ID: 151342
General Information Athletic Department Information
1700 Mishawaka Ave
South Bend,  IN 46634-7111
Phone: 574-520-4872

Number of Full-time Undergraduates: 7,496
Men: 2,902
Women: 4,594
Director: Gary Demski
SOUTH BEND,  IN 46634-711

Reporting Year: 7/1/2008 - 6/30/2009
Reporting Official: Gary Demski
Title: Executive Director of Athletics & Activities
Phone: 574-520-4457
Sanctioning Body: NAIA Division I
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Athletically Related Student Aid
 Men's TeamsWomen's TeamsTotal
Ratio (percent)5050100%
Each team is awarded $65,000 from the institution. I confirmed this amount with the financial aid and scholarship office. .

Recruiting Expenses
 Men's TeamsWomen's TeamsTotal
Each team was awarded $2,500 for recruiting expenses.

Operating Expenses by Team
 Men's TeamsWomen's Teams 
Varsity TeamsParticipantsOperating Expenses per ParticipantBy TeamParticipantsOperating Expenses per ParticipantBy TeamTotal Operating Expenses
Total Operating Expenses Men's and Women's Teams13 $38,52812 $35,948$74,476

Expenses by Team
Varsity TeamsMen's TeamsWomen's TeamsTotal
Total Expenses of all Sports, Except Football and Basketball, Combined
Total Expenses Men's and Women's Teams$163,832$158,786$322,618
Not Allocated by Gender/Sport  $45,972
Grand Total Expenses  $368,590

Revenues by Team
Varsity TeamsMen's TeamsWomen's TeamsTotal
Total Revenues of all Sports, Except Football and Basketball, Combined
Total Revenues Men's and Women's Teams$162,838$172,038$334,876
Not Allocated by Gender/Sport  $34,676
Grand Total for all Teams (includes by team and not allocated by gender/sport)  $369,552

Revenues and Expenses Summary
  Men's TeamsWomen's TeamsTotal
1Total of Head Coaches' Salaries$26,158$29,130$55,288
2Total of Assistant Coaches' Salaries$6,000$6,225$12,225
3Total Salaries (Lines 1+2)$32,158$35,355$67,513
4Athletically Related Student Aid$65,000$65,000$130,000
5Recruiting Expenses$2,629$434$3,063
6Operating Expenses$38,528$35,948$74,476
7Summary of Subset Expenses (Lines 3+4+5+6)$138,315$136,737$275,052
8Total Expenses$163,832$158,786$322,618
9Total Expenses Minus Subset Expenses (Line 8 – Line 7)$25,517$22,049$47,566
10Not Allocated Expenses $45,972
11Grand Total Expenses (Lines 8+10) $368,590
12Total Revenues$162,838$172,038$334,876
13Not Allocated Revenues $34,676
14Grand Total Revenues (Lines 12+13) $369,552
15Total Revenues Minus Expenses (Line 12- Line 8)-$994$13,252$12,258
16Grand Total Revenues Minus Grand Total Expenses (Line 14- Line 11) $962