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Status of Minorities at IU (November 2006)

This report documents the distribution and status of minority students, faculty, and staff at Indiana University, with a particular focus on members of traditionally underrepresented racial or ethnic minorities (African Americans, Hispanics, and American Indians).

Among the important findings of this report:

  • The IU campuses to which prospective first-time students submit applications for admission differ by race/ethnicity. Of all prospective first-time students, Asian Americans have the highest likelihood of applying to the Bloomington campus, whereas African Americans have the lowest likelihood of applying to the flagship campus.

  • At every IU campus, the admissions rate for students from underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities is lower than the admissions rate for all other students. African Americans have the lowest admissions rates among students from underrepresented minorities across all IU campuses.

  • The representation of students of color among degree-seeking undergraduates differs across the IU campuses. Although of all IU campuses, Bloomington and IUPUI have the greatest number of students from underrepresented minorities, these campuses are less structurally diverse than their selected peer institutions.

  • Of all IU campuses, IU Northwest has the greatest proportional representation of degree-seeking undergraduate students from underrepresented minorities. The disparity in the representation of students of color among undergraduates at the regional campuses reflects in part the differences in the racial/ethnic diversity of the areas of the state that these campuses serve.

  • No matter which IU campus they attend, students from underrepresented minorities graduate at a lower rate than students from other racial/ethnic backgrounds. Although underrepresented minorities graduate at a higher rate from the Bloomington campus than from the other IU campuses, the gap in graduation rates between underrepresented minorities and students of other racial/ethnic backgrounds at Bloomington is one of the largest among IU campuses.

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