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IU: Transforming Indiana (December 2006)

This report provides indicators of IU’s impact on the state’s economy, highlighting areas such as the university’s role in life sciences research, workforce development, health care, and technology transfer.

Among the important findings of this report:

  • IU conferred more than one-third of the bachelor’s, master’s, first professional, and doctoral degrees conferred between 1996 and 2005 at Indiana’s public and private colleges.

  • In the 2005-06 fiscal year, IU placed more than $1.6 billion directly into the state’s economy through its Indiana resident payroll and in-state purchases. This represented about half of the in-state spending generated by all of Indiana’s public four-year universities.

  • IU continues to attract the largest amount of sponsored research funding among all Indiana public and private colleges and universities and has the largest growth trend as well. In the most recent year, IU’s new sponsored research awards outpaced all other public universities and the University of Notre Dame combined.

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