Institutional Research Data Sources and Information

University Institutional Reporting & Research requests are ever changing and the data and tables we utilize to address our work is continuously being improved. Consequently, we are adding new resources to this site which describe these changes to our informational systems.

Below, you will find information regarding key census dates; recent updates; tables and data dictionaries in production; in development changes and/or additions that will soon be moved into production; future projects that are still in the research and specification cycle; and data guides that explain how the data is derived or created.

IR Calendars

  • Annual Calendar By Academic Year
  • Annual Calendar By Module
  • IR Census Calendar
  • Admissions Point-in-Cycle Snapshot Calendar
  • IR Tables and Data Dictionaries

  • Recent Updates
  • In Production
  • In Development
  • Future Projects
  • IR Data Guides

  • Degree Admit Term Type
  • Derived Career and Level
  • Derived Columns
  • Derived Enrollment Status
  • Derived Ethnicity (SR) - old definition
  • First Generation
  • IR Core 40, Academic Honors, 21st Century Scholars
  • IR Financial Aid Reporting Categories - Keyword3
  • Last High School
  • Matrics & Cohorts
  • Reporting Ethnicity
  • Reporting Term and Cumulative GPA
  • SAT/ACT Scores
  • Summer Session Reporting
  • Test Credits


    The listserv was established to address issues of common interest, and a shared electronic location to develop and deposit ideas which, in turn, would result in a knowledge base for reporting.

    To join:

    Send an email to listserv [at] indiana [dot] edu with the following in the message body: subscribe RUG-L

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    1. Access the RUG-L listserv archives
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    3. Click on Subscriber’s Corner in the top left hand side of the page.
    4. On the next page, scroll down until you see RUG-L and select it by clicking on it.
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