Benefits of Mentoring an Undergraduate in Research or Creative Activity

Why might you want to involve undergraduates in your research work?

Here are some of the key points cited by experienced mentors:

  • Undergraduate researchers are motivated students who are serious about pursuing graduate work and/or professional careers in your field.
  • Working with them means engaging in a more personalized, in-depth teaching process, one that will give you a different perspective on how "learning" works.
  • Undergraduates contribute new, unexpected viewpoints to analysis of research problems and processes.
  • Undergraduates bring a different kind of energy into the research environment.
  • You'll get valuable assistance with research background work and operational tasks such as database searching, data collection, data entry, or interview scheduling.
  • Undergraduate researchers become more creative and critical thinkers as they work on research projects. They are students who want to apply the ideas they've learned in the classroom, and who want to be challenged.

    You can be the personal inspiration and catalyst that they need and, at the same time, you can advance your own research agenda.