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Services: Conceptual Design

The purpose of conceptual design tasks is to create a high-level user interface design framework. Typically these tasks include the development of mockups and diagrams representing the conceptual design of the system. These conceptual designs are then tested and evaluated.

Some of the services we offer for the conceptual design phase include:

Card Sorts
Card sorting is a method used to help discover the structure in a set of conceptual items for a system. Index cards are used to allow participants to sort and label their own categories for analysis by the usability team.

Task Flow Diagrams
Diagrams and flow charts are developed to analyze the specific details of work processes as related to the system.

Information Architecture
This area of work within the development of a system includes the design of the organization, labeling, navigation, and searching systems to help users locate and manage information.

Online Writing Guidance
Writing for online audiences is different than it is for print audiences. We can help you with guidelines and tips for effective content development.

These low fidelity prototypes consist of a series of screen sketches used to illustrate and organize system concepts for review and analysis.

Prototypes and Mockups
A set of visual representations are used to clarify design ideas and rapidly create low cost screen designs that can be used for evaluation and testing.

Style Guides
A user interface style guide can be used to help ensure consistency across a system and serve as a repository for guidelines and standards.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about any of these services.