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The Process eXperience Architecture Group - Making IT Easier

"Usability - people can find what they need, understand what they find, and act appropriately on that understanding."
- anonymous

Who We Are

The Process eXperience Architecture (PXA) group is a team within Enterprise Software, University Information Technology Services (UITS) department at Indiana University.  The PXA group assists information technology teams both within and beyond Indiana University in increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, and user satisfaction of their systems and websites.

What We Do

The PXA group works to make systems easier to use by applying a user-centered approach to systems design, development and evaluation. We use a variety of methods to help increase the efficiency, effectiveness, satisfaction, and ease of learning for users of a particular system. Our approach involves incorporating user feedback in all phases of development including requirements analysis, conceptual design, development, and testing. Please see our Services section for more details.

How To Work With Us

If you have a system interface project and would like some assistance, we can help you incorporate appropriate user-centered activities, apply effective design principles, and identify potential problem areas in your existing products and services.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you.