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Resources: Interface Design

Interface design encompasses elements of usability, accessibility, visualization, and functionality. Each element must be considered to create user-centered interfaces that are not only usable, but also aesthetically pleasing. The following links provide resources to helping you meet this goal.

Ask Tog
Ask Tog is a webzine on interface design; it is written by Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini, who founded the Apple Human Interface Group and has published two books, Tog on Interface and Tog on Software Design.

Flash Usability
Macromedia is a website covering the usability of Flash. The site includes usability tips, examples, and various resources.

Indiana University Web Policies
This site includes policies to help ensure the accuracy, consistency, integrity, and protection of the identity and image of Indiana University by providing a set of minimum standards and guidelines for departments, schools, facilities, organizations, and affiliates.

Web Style Guide
The Web Style Guide is grounded in the functional aspects of design including sections on accessibility, cascading style sheets, information architecture, site maintenance, and multimedia design.

Digital Web Magazine
Digital Web Magazine is an online magazine intended for professional web designers. The magazine consists primarily of work contributed by web artists and authors, as well as by others who occasionally delve into the realm of web design.

Boxes & Arrows
Boxes and Arrows is a peer-written journal dedicated to discussing, improving, and promoting the work of the digital design community, through the sharing of exemplary technique, innovation, and informed opinion.