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Services: Requirements & Planning

Our user-centered approach to project planning places emphasis on the needs of the users of your system. We select the requirements gathering and analysis techniques that are the most appropriate for your project.

Some of the services we offer include:

The Process eXperience Architecture Groupoffers either open-ended or focused surveys, conducted online or on paper, based upon your needs.

We are able to conduct a variety of face-to-face or over the telephone interviews in order to gain insights into the needs and concerns of the users of your system.

Focus Groups
This method is useful for discussing potential user requirements and brainstorming ideas among the various stakeholders of a system.

Field Studies
are observations and studies of users as they use a system in a typical situation and environment.

Task Analysis
Task analysis methodology investigates how users work within a system and is useful for analyzing how their work tasks should be supported by functionality in a system.

User Personas
A review of typical users, their characteristics, usage situations, tasks and goals is detailed to ensure that all types of users and their needs are adequately covered by the system.

Usability Goals
The Process eXperience Architecture Group will help you develop usability goals for your project to focus and steer the design process, as well as to support the evaluation of early concepts, prototypes and final designs.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about any of these services.