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Services: Usability Inspection

In usability inspections our team examines a user interface based on a variety of different guidelines and methods.

Some of the usability inspection methods that we use include:

Heuristic Evaluation
This is a method developed by Jakob Nielsen and Rolf Molich for structuring the critique of a system using a set of general usability heuristics.

Cognitive Walkthroughs
Performing a cognitive walkthrough involves inspecting a user interface by going through a set of defined tasks to evaluate understandability and ease of learning.

Standards-Based Review
In a standards-based review, a system is analyzed based on a set of standards or guidelines specifically relevant to the purpose of the system or needs of the users.

Design Critique
A design critique is a method in which stakeholders are brought together with the usability team to review selected interface designs in order to gain feedback, discuss issues, and make recommendations to the designs.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about any of these services.