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About Us: User Experience Lab

Note:  The PXA group currently does not have a use experience lab due to a change in office location.  We hope to establish a lab space with similar characteristics as our previous lab, described below.  If your development needs include user testing, we will work with your group to schedule user sessions in an alternative location.

The UX lab is a modern two-room facility including testing and observation rooms. Our suite of video, audio, and computing equipment facilitates the observation, recording, and editing of data from usability sessions.

observation room of User Experience Lab testing room of User Experience Lab  

The User Experience Lab incorporates Morae and Camtasia Studio products by TechSmith to record, analyze, edit, and create presentations of user testing sessions. Video recordings of entire sessions or "highlights only" are available. A video of the main problems within a system can be valuable tool of persuasion in justifying additional development costs.

Morae is a fully integrated, all-digital solution for analyzing user testing sessions. It combines both user and system activity into one synchronized recording that is indexed and searchable. Morae allows our consultants to review and analyze recording sessions to edit and share with stakeholders.

Camtasia Studio provides additional editing and publishing options for Morae videos. With Camtasia Studio the lab staff are able to import Morae AVI videos, edit and then splice them together. Consultants can add transitions, text callouts, and Zoom-n-Pan effects to magnify an area of the screen. Camtasia Studio also has additional publishing options, including Flash, streaming video and and CD-ROM menus.

Typically, sessions are video recorded and include an image of the participant's computer screen with a small "picture-in-picture" image of the individual. A facilitator and observer from the PXA team manage the sessions. We also encourage project teams to view sessions at their convenience.

If you would like to find out more about the lab, please feel to contact us.