Information on the U.S. Educational
Seismology Network initiative

The U.S. Educational Seismology Network, or USESN, is a consortium of educational institutions whose mission is to promote the use of seismographs and seismic data for science education. Our vision is to develop a vibrant national network of academic researchers, college faculty, and school teachers, whose common goal is to enhance science education through the study of seismology. We envision development of a robust network of educational seismographs, recording and networking software, together with pedagogical resources, that allow teachers and students to utilize state-of-the-art seismological data and tools in a wide variety of educational settings. We seek to enhance students' exposure to high-caliber scientific research for students in Physics, Earth Science, and Environmental Science classrooms across the country, and to provide a new resource that can be used for seismological research.

The primary goals of the organization are to:

  • Promote the installation and effective use of educational seismographs and seismic data;
  • Disseminate high-quality curricular materials and educational services that promote the use of seismology in science education; and
  • Provide an organizational framework for coordination and advocacy of educational seismology across the country.

USESN efforts now include regional seismic networks in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Oregon, South Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, California, and Nevada, as well as distributed seismic efforts across the country.

The USESN White Paper: "Shaking Up America's Classrooms"

The USESN White Paper: "Shaking Up America's Classrooms (PDF version)"

EOS Article: "New Education Initiative Brings Seismology Into the Classroom"


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