Current and Archived Earthquakes

Current Earthquake Information

From the USGS

Real-time Displays

Finding Earthquakes by Region

  • IRIS Seismic Monitor
    Up to date information on earthquakes across the globe. Interactive map displays location, magnitude and when it occured. Clicking on a region brings up more and more specific information and option to download seismic data. User-friendly!
  • Seismo-Surfing on the Internet
    University of Washington, by Steve Malone: a site for finding seismic data on the web, sorted by region.
  • St. Louis University Earthquake Center
    Midwest earthquake latest information and photo archive
  • CERI: Center for Earthquake Research
    New Madrid earthquake catalog, recent helicorder displays, and the Rapid Earthquake Information System (REIS), from the University of Memphis.
  • Caltech Seismology Laboratory
    Links to recent earthquake records, information on where to finger data worldwide, and much more.

Earthquake Pages from The USESN Network

Earthquake Data from The USESN Network


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