Using Drumplot Generated Images on a Web Page
Using the New Version of Drumplot.

1. A computer capable of running Drumplot and Scream simultaneously.  This must be a different computer than the one you use to record your data from your seismometer.

2. Access to your web server from your Drumplot/Scream Computer. These directions do not include instructions on FTP'ing the image to your web server.

3. A scheduler program like Microsoft Scheduler or Freeware like "EZScheduler"

4. An easily written batch file. A batch file is simply a set of dos commands written on "Notepad" or other similar program that the scheduler program runs at a set time to copy the image from your local Drumplot/Scream Computer to your web server.

Setup, Part 1:

1. Install the new version of Drumplot, and Scream onto your computer.  The new version of Drumplot will "pull" data from Scream.  Set up Scream

2. Once Installed, start Drumplot.  Do this BEFORE you start Scream.

3. Start Scream.  Make sure Scream is setu up to "Allow network connections" and "Receive stream data from network" in the Setup menu, Network tab.  Also in this location make sure port 1568 is entered.

4. The stream name will show up in the left window of drumplot. This may take several minutes, be patient.  Double click on the stream name when it appears. The right window will show your streams recent activity. As long as you don't shut down, the whole window will fill (24 hours of data) and then will simply begin writing over old data.

5. Just to the right of the stream name in the left window, single click on the word "GIF". The word should be white rather than grey now. This will cause Drumplot to generate a gif image of the right Drumplot window at 1200 and 0000 UTC every day. You have now set up your system to generate the gif image you will be using on your station web page. This image will simply overwrite the old image every time. The image file name does not change.

Setup, Part 2:

1. Write and save the batch file. Below is an example. All you have to do is write in where the image comes from, and where you want it to go. Save the text file with the file extension ".bat".  I have included a generic example and our actual batch file as examplesl. The batch file will copy the image from your Drumplot/Scream computer to your web server.

generic example:    copy <source file path>                                      <destination path>
our batch file :        copy C:\unzipped\drumplot\PPOHH-7062Z4.gif \\border\apps\web\docs\Science

2. Schedule the batch file to run at a given time(s)/day(s) using Microsoft Scheduler or EZScheduler. This will move the newly generated gif file to the server where it will simply overwrite the old gif file because it has the same name.

3. Use the gif file on a web page. Dress it up and make it purty! All done!