Seismometer Configuration REal timeAcquisition and Monitoring



SCREAM is a Windows based data acquisition program. This allows the computer that is attached to the PEPP digitizer to perform other windows based applications at the same time the computer functions as a complete acquisition system for the GURALP digitizers. SCREAM will continue to run in the background, acquiring data from the PEPP digitizer, storing and displaying data while other Windows based applications are being used.

SCREAM allows Real-time data and stored archived data to be easily displayed and manipulated "on the fly", while recording is taking place. The amplification and times scales are fully adjustable to allow immediate examination of the wiggle trace whether it be the displaying of the real-time data coming in or to the "replaying "of stored, historical data files. Multiple data displays can be viewed simultaneously, each viewing window having independent and adjustable amplifications and time scales.

SCREAM can be used as an autonomous data logger no Internet connection is required.

SCREAM allows immediate printing of wiggle trace displays.

SCREAM also detects errors and maintains an ongoing status list of the GURALP system, including clock and decoding errors.

SCREAM allows data to be converted to other data formats such as PEPP, SAC, SEGY and other data formats needed to use seismic data in other data analysis software such as WINQUAKES or SWAP.

SCREAM with the accompanying program GCFinfo allows data files to be combined and "cut" and create data files that contain specific seismic events.

SCREAM will run and allow full Internet access at the same time so data can be uploaded and downloaded form other databases.

SCREAM with an Internet connection to the computer, can be configured to send all real-time data to ANY designated computer ANYWHERE through the Internet and can continue to store and display data locally.

SCREAM with an Internet connection to the computer, can be configured to simultaneously acquire, display and store data from other remote GURALP system stations running SCREAM. This allows for a central acquisition and monitoring of multiple seismic stations on one computer.

SCREAM can be installed on any, stand-alone non-instrumented, windows based computer that has an internet connection and be configured to "PULL" data from remote GURALP stations, via an internet connection This allows for remote viewing, storing and displaying on any number of non-instrumented computers.